Welcome to Ian Stanley's Family History pages!

Hello! Glad that you managed to find me on the web.

I've put together some pages giving details of many of the family lines on both my father's side and my late mother's side, maybe there's something of interest to you here?

The focus is on the four families of my grandparents with the addition of one or two other families where research has been very fruitful. This project has taken many many years and only a small part of the information I've accumulated is posted here online.

If you see any link to your own family I'd really like to hear from you.

The pages relating to the Stanley family and Botevyle family form their separate "spin-offs" due to the extensive amount of information I have accumulated on these two lines. In addition I've listed other families that I've encountered in my ancestry. Some of these have been researched for a generation or two so if you see any link there it might be worth dropping me a line.

I hope you enjoy what you find here.

Ian Stanley