The Locke Family

Samuel Locke

Samuel lived and married in Birmingham. Samuel was a joiner and carpenter. We quickly found an entry in the Ladywood census for 1851 that looked like the right one, Samuel aged 5 born in Birmingham, and we begun to look into this family. We found the baptism entry at Birmingham St. Phillip’s but was it the right one?

Samuel Lock married Catherine Smith in Birmingham in 1865, his father listed as Samuel Locke, farmer. I have located nine children of this marriage, all born in Birmingham between 1866-1885, mainly baptised at St. George’s.

We couldn’t track him down on the 1881 census but the 1891 census showed him and gave his birthplace as something illegible, it looked like Colusch, Staffs. Something did not seem right with the 1851 census entry now, two different birthplaces implied to me two different people. I went back to the 1881 census. I looked under “Locke”, “Lock”, “Lack”, “Look”, until I finally found what I was looking for under “Locker” !! This gave the whole family, correct wife & children - it was definitely the right entry. And his birthplace? This was given as Bishton, Staffs.! This place was not even mentioned in my atlas of the England but a quick search on the internet showed that Bishton is a hamlet of Colwich, Staffs. - obviously this was the strange illegible place that was mentioned on the 1891 census. Everything came together.

The next step is to go and take a look at the Colwich registers & census returns, watch this space.

Ellen "Nellie" Locke

Nellie was born in Birmingham in 1867 the daughter of John Samuel Locke & Catherine. She was a member of the Salvation Army and would have been one of the earliest members of the Salvation Army in Aston. My paternal grandmother's parents were Adolphus Willmott and Nellie Locke, married in Birmingham in 1904.