The Powers Family


The Powers family have been very consistent in their occupation. They have been in the bricklaying trade for at least 200 years! In fact there is more than one branch of the family which still pursue this line of work today, if you want a wall pointing or a house building you need look no further than your own family! Shame I don't get commission for putting trade their way!

Where this family came from precisely we don’t know yet. They seemed to have moved into Birmingham around 1800 but more than they we cannot be sure of. There was a Francis Powers baptised in Dudley, Worcestershire, in September 1808 the son of Francis! This looks extremely promising, the dates match and the father's name matches what we already know. Further investigation may confirm this link. Our eldest ancestor is of course Francis Powers and this story starts with him.

Francis Powers

We are seeking the origins of Edward's parents, Francis Powers and Jane Harriet Botevyle. They married in Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire in 1843. Both spouses said on the subsequent census return that they came from Shropshire. I have traced the Botevyle family with few problems to Shrewsbury and beyond but Francis Powers remains elusive. I know he was a widower when he married and that this was in fact his third marriage, he would have been born around 1807. Does anybody know exactly when?

Edward Powers (senior)

Edward Powers & Sarah Green had married in Bordesley, Birmingham, in 1870. Edward was a bricklayer and had been born in Birmingham in 1847.

Edward Powers (junior)

Edward & Ellen had been married in Birmingham in 1901. Edward was a wire weaver and had been born in Birmingham in 1880. Edward Powers was the son of another Edward Powers & Sarah.

Frank Powers

Powers was my mother's maiden name. My grandfather, Frank Powers and his wife Beatrice Annie Edgington lived to a ripe old age and in fact celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1979.

Frank Powers, my grandfather, was the son of Edward Powers & Ellen Pegg.

Related Families

Other families linked by marriage to the Powers are listed here in alphabetical order.
  • Bentley - Nuneaton, formerly of Swinstead, Lincs.
  • Bone - Foleshill, Warwicks., formerly of Reading, Berks., formerly of Alton, Hants.
  • Edgington
  • Green - Birmingham, formerly of Bloxwich, Staffs.
  • Paul - Coventry
  • Pegg - Bulkington, Warwicks.