The Pegg Family

This family are originally from Bulkington, Warwicks., and moved into Birmingham at around the turn of the century. Our eldest known ancestor in this line is Thomas Pegg and the story starts here with him.

Thomas Pegg

William's father was Thomas Pegg, but his mother is not currently known. Thomas does not seem to have come from Bulkington, where did he come from? All were weavers, including the Bone and Paul families. A loom such as the one above would have been what they would have worked on for nearly all their waking hours.

William Pegg (senior)

William married Elizabeth Paul in Bulkington, Warwicks. the same year, they had six children.

Children were:
| William 1841 | Thomas 1842 | Daniel abt 1845 | John abt 1847 | Arthur abt 1849 | David abt 1852 |

William Pegg (junior)

William had been baptised in Bulkington in 1841, the son of another William Pegg & Elizabeth. William married Ann Maria Bone in Foleshill, Coventry, Warwickshire in 1863, they had nine children, some born in Bedworth. William came from a long line of weavers but when he moved into Birmingham he became a barber.

Children were
| George 1864 | William 1867 | Ann 1868 | Elizabeth 1871 | John 1873 | Isabella 1875 | Arthur 1878? | Ellen 1881 | Victor 1882? |

Nellie Pegg of Birmingham

My great grandmother was Nellie Pegg. She was born in Angelina Street, Birmingham, in 1881 the daughter of William Pegg & Ann Maria Bone, although all her elder brothers and sisters had been born in Bedworth (and one in Coleshill).

By 1891 the family were in Bolton Street and by the time that she married Edward Powers in 1901 both the Pegg family and the Powers family were living in Bell Barn Road.

She and Edward Powers had six children between 1901 and 1924. She died in 1951 and is buried in Yardley cemetery, Birmingham.